We cover flats, houses, cottages, bungalows.



We cover small medium and large offices, we can also do a whole building or set of floors if requested.


Specific Items: 

We can pick up and deliver an item for you, including high end item like a piano's or glass-wear.


Man & Van hire:

We offer our workers and vehicle at an hourly rate to fill the needs of the customer. £50.00 per hour*


Request A Removal Form

 Support: EMAIL ONLY
We open Monday-Sunday 9am-5pm



1. Request a moving location form.

2. Fill out moving location document as accurate as possible (the move can NOT happen until this is completed and sent back).

3. Wait to be contacted by a member of our team to varify the contents of the moving location document (this is to determine final cost).

4. Finalize booking dates and times (any changes to dates or times must have at least 7 days notice).

5. Secure payment by bank transfer.

6. Our team comes and makes your life easier and leaves you with a smile.

Our services

  • For small and medium moving services, we charge by the hourly for all the removals so you only pay for what you use – In addition our company don’t round up to the nearest hour. Our rates are £50 per hour, £25 per half hour, £12.50 per 15 mins, for 2 workers and a van.

  • For larger moves one of our staff will come and give you a quote – we also offer full and partial packing services.

  • All of our charges are on our pricing list to show you exactly what you’re paying for. We have no hidden charges.

  • We have a 9am-5pm call line – our experienced move managers will talk through your requirements and we will always be available to deal with your enquiries.

  • Insurance cover of up to £2,000,000 is included in our prices.

  • All of the moving team staff is fully trained with years of experience.

  • As a company with over 10 years’ experience we aim to offer the highest quality services with the best pricing, see our outstanding customer testimonials.

  • Unlike some other moving companies in London, we also provide something extra – we offer additional services like cleaning services and clearance services.

  • Please note, no more than 1 ton will be loaded into the van, any more will need to be another trip with the vehicle.

Pricing Structure we use to calculate cost of move

We have a booking fee of £40 which secures your booking and allows change of date up to 14 days before the move, any less than 14 days will incur rebooking charge, any less than 7 days will be £60, any less than 3 days will be classed as an emergency move at £100 booking/ rebooking fee.


  • X2 Man and van hour rates: £40 per hour up to the 6th hour the team has worked and £60 per hour after for team to continue.

  • Mileage cost: £1 per mile from base (E10 5HH) until job completed, 50p per mile for van to return to base.

  • £1 Per mile as a passenger charge.

  • £10 Per item for dissemble (price may vary depending on specific items), please send pictures of the item and the joints of the item so our team can see whats needed to take it apart.

  • £10 Per item for re-assemble (price may vary depending on specific items).

  • £5 Stair carrying charge for every floor with no lift up to 3rd floor, £10 per floor from 3rd-5th, £20  per floor from 5th-8th, £40 per floor from 8th-9th, £50 per floor from 10th-19th, £100 per  floor from 20th-30th.

  • £1 Per metre carrying charge if equipment is not available for use on job.


  • Loading boxes after exceeding maximum per move quote.

Please note! Black bags and big suitcases will be counted as a box.


  • Studio flat: 10 free boxes.

  • 1 Bedroom flat: 15 free boxes.

  • 2 Bedroom flat: 20 free boxes.

  • 3 Bedroom flat: 25 free boxes.

  • 2 Bedroom house: 20 free boxes.

  • 3 Bedroom house: 25 free boxes.

  • 4 Bedroom house: 30 free boxes.


1. £1 Small (anything smaller than medium).

2. £2 Medium (580mm x 380mm x 380mm).

3. £4 Large (760mm x 457mm x 457mm). 

4. £5 Extra-large (anything bigger than large).


  • Packing services:


Please note this can take some time depending on certain items, so please be aware of how many hours you have booked to account for your packing services.


1. Small £1 per box (any smaller than medium).

2. Medium £3 per box (580mm x 380mm x 380mm).

3. Large £5 per box (760mm x 457mm x 457mm).

4. Extra-large £10 per box (anything bigger than large).


  • Boxes Price List:


Single Wall Boxes - 24x18x18 inches (610x457x457mm) £2.50 each

Double Wall Boxes with handles - 30x18x18 inches (762x457x457mm) £3.99 each

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